The corporation president, John Bennett, has been a licensed plumber in California for 30 Years.  Our business employs approximately thirty, hard-working, employees and is located in Santa Ana, California. 

We use a modern fleet of service trucks that are equipped with the latest tools, equipment, and technology.  Pictured above is our tow-jetter.  This piece of equipment is capable of clearing clogged lines by using rotating, high pressure streams of water.  The tow-jetter includes a state of the art camera and pipe locating system.  This allows our plumbers to precisely locate broken or clogged lines that may be burried below landscaping, parking lots, hardscape, or roadways.  The machine was extremely expensive to purchase, however, it has helped us to clear and repair serious plumbing problems.  It also significantly helps our customers save money on the overall cost of repairs by minimizing the damage caused to existing parking lots or roadways.  Often, we are called to clear lines or locate plumbing problems when other companies have failed. 

Our plumbers are capable and experienced. Generally, we dispatch plumbers to your calls immediately.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with local vendors and can assure that you receive fair and competitive pricing on plumbing goods and supplies.  

We often complete work for major commercial vendors in the Southern California region.  These customers frequently demand off hours work and stringent timelines for job completion.  We are happy to accommodate any special needs that your job may require.  

When calling our office,  the corporation president, John Bennett, is generally working in the office and can give expert advice for specific plumbing issues and concerns.   This personal level of service ensures that your call receives the proper attention.  

We look forward to serving you.